Thursday, 15 January 2009

Orchid again with droplets added

OK, OK, I know this wasn't really what we were supposed to be doing,
but I had to try it for comparison.

1)This is the SAME orchid, and I left the bud in, but fiddled with the
edges of it using a clone stamp and smudge tool to "sharpen the edges
of the out-of-focus bud.

2)then I added fake water droplets like this: using the elliptical
marquis tool, I selected a shape and darked the bottom of it with the
burn tool and made a highlight with the dodge tool.

1 comment:

moo said...

Not bad. Fairly convincing. Doesn't look obviously false but I guess it is difficult to decide once you already know they are. I will have to go through my pics and see if there are any that could be improved by false water drops.