Saturday, 31 January 2009

Water Droplet Tutorials

I tried some water droplet pictures this morning, spend a bit of time at it, but the results aren't worth posting, So I did some research and here are some of my findings. (I am going to post these one at a time, feel free to add and comment.)

1) Dangling drops with flowers, ferns or other things inside

2)flat drops (on glass etc) with things inside

3)fast moving drops that fall into water etc and make crowns and so on.

4)water droplets on flower petals and leaves (these are the easiest, I think, but even these present some issues)

5)water droplets using PS

I've seen some of these on BP but haven't researched them yet there. Do add more if you find any good ones, especially for the topics not yet covered.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Orchid again with droplets added

OK, OK, I know this wasn't really what we were supposed to be doing,
but I had to try it for comparison.

1)This is the SAME orchid, and I left the bud in, but fiddled with the
edges of it using a clone stamp and smudge tool to "sharpen the edges
of the out-of-focus bud.

2)then I added fake water droplets like this: using the elliptical
marquis tool, I selected a shape and darked the bottom of it with the
burn tool and made a highlight with the dodge tool.

The Fake Water Drop technique #1

I tried the tutorial which I'd posted on January 31 for fake PS water drops. It's a video designed for making fake bubbles in beer or water droplets on the glass. They are a little too regularly and not round enough to look real. I fiddled with it way too much, using liquify to make some of the bubbles bigger--it wasn't worth all that trouble.

This is the same orchid I posted earlier--I cloned out the out-of-focus bud.