Saturday, 31 January 2009

Water Droplet Tutorials

I tried some water droplet pictures this morning, spend a bit of time at it, but the results aren't worth posting, So I did some research and here are some of my findings. (I am going to post these one at a time, feel free to add and comment.)

1) Dangling drops with flowers, ferns or other things inside

2)flat drops (on glass etc) with things inside

3)fast moving drops that fall into water etc and make crowns and so on.

4)water droplets on flower petals and leaves (these are the easiest, I think, but even these present some issues)

5)water droplets using PS

I've seen some of these on BP but haven't researched them yet there. Do add more if you find any good ones, especially for the topics not yet covered.

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moo said...

Well done for your perseverence. I gues I gave up too soon when I saw how much time it was going to take to achieve shots I didn't even like.

My favourite link here is Steve's which actually links into many more. All great pics but they are outside and really what I prefer doing although not good for cold February. Also it will still take many hours to perfect and I am not sure I will find opportunities but I am interested.

Mike's I saw before when I was researching and it didn't inspire me.

For me the next two links don't work. The Johny one doesn't show the pics for me and I haven't found anywhere to click to make them come up.

Enjoyed Rich's and liked some of his results. It was useful and much better than having to have an aquarium although he doesn't really show his water container clearly. I liked some of his results but currently don't think I will find time to spend as long as is needed to get decent results.

Unless I find myself with time on my hand indoors I think I am going to have to leave this until some dewy mornings and get outside where I belong. If my knee allows.